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9Ct White Gold Pear Tanzanite Diamond Pendant

9Ct White Gold Pear Tanzanite Diamond Pendant

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Category:  Womens Pendants

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9Ct White Gold Pear Tanzanite Diamond Pendant Description:

Shop CategoriesProduct Information9ct White Gold Oval Sapphire Diamond Pendant & Chainclick on the image to enlarge

A vivid lilac Tanzanite beams out from the center of this darling 9 karat white gold pear shaped pendant. An arrangement of sparkling diamonds adds to the overall effect.

Diamond Weight: 0.01 ct

Diamond Clarity:I

Diamond Colour: H

Diamond Quantity:2

Gemstone Weight: 0.20 ct

Gemstone: Tanzanite

Chain Length: 45 cm

Designed By: B-Jeweled.co.uk

BJeweled Code: GWP0447TZ9
RRP: £205.00
Buy It Now: £106.60
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